opioid overdose prevention plan

A people without a plan is like trying to build a house without blueprints, it is a very ineffective way to do something. Utah has a plan!

Evidence from four surveys of more than 20,000 kratom users and patients with opioid use disorder, and more than 23,000 comments to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) indicates that kratom provides an alternative to opioids and a harm mitigation strategy for many opioid users, and is an important asset for the health and well-being of many of the millions of kratom users.6 Thus, it is important to sustain consumer access to kratom, ideally FDA-regulated access, to avoid promoting relapse to opioids by these people. 7 

In order to change something, we must have an understanding of how it currently is. Because of this it is important that we all have a proper understand of the importance of an opioid in human life. Opioids have been a part of daily human life from the time humans first started making records. Opioids have always been part of mankind because as humans we all have some of the same problems like pain & suffering. An opioid is a molecule that works with the human brain to lessen the about of pain that a human has to suffer & it can be very effective at doing this. So how did something that reduced human suffering turn into a epidemic? It happened because of the side-effect profile of the most common opioids in our country. Before you finish reading this page, we will have at least one new additional family that has a dead body  in their house waiting for someone to take the our & bury them, children with no parent, spouse left behind, & it will continue to happen like clockwork until we understand what is causing this problem & how we can prevent.  literally every 12 minutes our country has a new innocent human life taken from dangerous opioids.

One thing that is certain about humans as a whole is that "humans do what they feel like doing"; when we feel good, we do good, when we feel bad, we do bad. SO having something that can help a human feel good when they are in pain & feeling bad is very important to all humans as both individuals & all of us as a society. When people feel bad they lash out at the public & it costs us more heartbreak & financial loss than most can comprehend. So each & every human has a need for & will benefit from learning what is causing this opioid epidemic & how we can prevent it.

Most of the common opioids cause a severe life threatening side-effect called respiratory depression when consumed in larger amounts like humans frequently consume to feel better, this is why so many die every hour from this one side effect! However, not all molecules that activate the opioid receptor have the side effect of severe respiratory depression! This is vital information because all humans have pain & suffering from time to time & need a way to treat that pain without severe respiratory depression that accidentally kills a catastrophic amount of Americans every day.

As a citizen of the USA & of Utah I have an overwhelming desire to help spread this information about kratom. Kratom has worked way better than any other opioid based on my experience & according to lab studies & doctors around the world, it does not have the horrid side effect of severe respiratory depression when compared to the dangerous opioids currently being used. 

So there may be a way for humans to lower their pain without suffering the pain of death. This is a really really big deal, every 12 minutes someone dies & we can prevent that! Together it can & will happen.